Let’s Be Real Ladies…

We know that as ambitious women, life can be crazy busy, that you are working hard in the world, and that there are a million distractions that pop up every day vying for your time. But we also know that in the midst of all of our wild schedules, that what matters most is true connection to ourselves and the world around us. At Trini Tribe we believe that loving, honest, and authentic connection is vitality important in order to live a healthy and successful life.

Every day we witness so many amazing women going after their dreams. Women who are hustling hard in their lives and doing great things, but then behind the scenes, they have a hard time staying afloat, physically, mentally, and or emotionally, and often feel burnout, disconnected, or overly stressed.  


But We Want To Help Change That..

We know that when you create a strong connection to yourself ( MIND, BODY, SPIRIT) you are able to gain more understanding on how you want show up in the world and your relation to those around you. Rather than going through the motions and letting another week, day, or year pass you by feeling out of touch, instead you are able to hold a greater capacity for all that you are, you are able to expand a greater connection to your family, loved ones, co-workers, and community.

But we understand that sometimes a gal needs some help and that’s why we created our first online program, COURSE TO CONNECTION. This program is here to help aspiring women, just like yourself, create a more mindful and nourishing connection to who they really are. So whether you are a seasoned self development maven or you are just starting fresh on your path, we are so excited to share this with you. Check it out!


Course To Connection, Are You Ready?

Program includes :

  • 4 weeks of content/ 1 module a week discussing mindfulness, self-compassion, nourishment, and rest!

  • 4 Movement videos Yoga, Pilates, and or Somatic Movement

  • 4 Recorded Meditations

  • 4 Weekly Challenges ( where you can receive bonus meditation and movement videos from us)

  • Private Facebook group for check-in, accountability, and support

  • Weekly Connection Call With us every Sunday during the run of the course for group discussion and support

    Cost - $99 ( that’s less that $25 a week, the price of a yoga class and cup of coffee, BOOM!)