Trini Talk with Kaitlin Bolt-Lovett


We are excited to serve up our second Trini Talk!

Trini Talk was created to have conversations and shared connections with like minded women and people in our wellness industry so that their ideas and work could also be shared with our community as well.

That being said we are thrilled to bring to you our second Trini Talk with, Kaitlin Bolt-Lovett, a registered “non diet” dietician, lover of nutrition and wellness, and yogini. We both knew Kaitlin through the yoga world but also on the lovely world of social media, as we both would often be scrolling and drooling over her delicious creations in the kitchen. :)

A little more about Kaitlin:

Kaitlin, a non-diet dietitian with a background in athletics, pastry, and yoga is here to help people feel empowered inside and outside of the kitchen. She wants to help individuals make sustainable choices to help reach their goals, and debunk all the overwhelming nutrition information out there by bringing it back to the basics and help people re-learn how to trust their intuition.

Her business mission is to help individuals feel EMPOWERED, to live a nourished life in every aspect, to find conscious COMPASSION for themselves first, and embrace food with an ABUNDANCE mindset so that what we consume becomes an act of LOVE.

What we are loving about this Talk

When we chatted with Kaitlin, we found ourselves aligned on so many topics other than what we love on our plate, and felt like we could’ve talked for hours and hours. Kaitlin is a light of inspiration and is bringing a powerful message to women. We are so grateful for this conversation as it reminded us once again that nourishing our bodies with proper nutrition is important but only part of the wellness journey. It is also so important to mindfully slow down and take the time to truly listen to what our body may be needing.

Highlights from our convo are at selected minute markers.

  • 5:30 Tricky food decisions

  • 15:20 Still looking for the magic pill

  • 22:00 Hell yeah im gonna eat that!

  • 27:39 Different ways to listen to our bodies

  • 36:30 The comparison

  • 41:38 Reflection and action

  • 47:00 What works for you

  • 52:55 Habits that are a must

Connect with Kaitlin

If you are looking for assistance and support in getting help with your food choices and nutrition, well than Kaitlin is your gal. is experienced in working one- on- one with clients on nutrition therapy, building meal plans and finding what will nourish you specifically, knowing that one “diet” plan will not work for everyone. Here are a few ways you can work with her!

1:1 Nutrition Therapy -Macro Nutrients Learn more about tracking macros and how they can help you achieve your wellness goals. Macro tracking is a type of flexible eating (not a fan of the word dieting, it’s a lifestyle), that can help you take control over what you are eating, while having the flexibility to make changes on a day to day bases.

Boutique Catering: Plan out the exact experience you want to create and build a menu based on that concept. This is a great option for a girls night get together, yoga retreats, and small business lunches.

Cooking Classes: Fun in-home cooking classes that will help give you the confidence you need in the kitchen. These classes are interactive and educational.

To learn more check out her site at A Life Nourished LLC

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