Mindful Morning Habits


For some of us, its the same routine of eat,sleep, repeat. We dread the alarm, hit snooze and wait last minute until we force ourselves to get out of bed, sounding familiar? Trust us, we get it.  We know this to well ourselves. A practice we are trying to embody more is being aware of those small habits we take as soon as we wake. This can start with our thoughts as we turn off the alarm and our attitude towards the day.  Our thoughts are powerful, and we can choose how to feel from the get go.

 I am going to paint two different scenarios, one that may sound familiar, and one that may sound amazing but not so easy to do.  

Scenario #1.  Hit snooze, thinking oh, not this again, rush to shower and get ready, skip breakfast or grab a quick banana or bar out the door, and already feeling stressed on your way to work. All the while, no connection to yourself, and  rushing to only keep up with the clock. Sit in traffic, stress about being late, or open your computer and feel behind, stressed, and.... you get it. This continues on throughout the day.  

Scenario #2 . Hit snooze ( because lets be honest :)  then find ONE thing to look forward to for your day or gratitude for anything or anyone.  Spend less time scrolling on the phone and more time easing out of bed slowly.  Take the extra 10-15 minutes to: stretch, play music, light a candle, meditate, make a quick breakfast, and not feel rushed. Ease into your workday, with a calm and confidence that you will have a great day. 

Now, despite the fact that there are only a few small differences here, the end result is much much different.  Its sometimes much easier to take the first route, but when we begin to design our day, we empower ourselves to lead the life we like rather than react to what is happening. 

To simplify this, reflect on your morning routine and see what simple changes you can take that would lead to a happy, calm, confident and less stressed morning for yourself. Use a simple affirmation or saying of " I am worthy and choose to feel calm and at ease this morning"


For a little extra inspiration:  PLAY This Meditation Playlist to Inspire your morning!



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