It's getting hot in here!

Oh hey!

You know you're now singing Nelly "Hot In Herre" in your head, sorry not sorry :) But really, it's summer in the Northern Hemisphere and for many of us its hot! At Trini Tribe we loveeeee summer, however being the boss babes that we are we have to make sure that we keep things cool and collected because as fiery go getter ladies we already have quite a bit of heat inside already. 

Why is this important you might ask? Well when your natural intensity, and fiery disposition gets out of balance and in excess, symptoms such as irritability, impatience, and rigid or controlling behavior can come to surface. An accumulation of excess heat can also manifest in a variety of health issues, including skin rashes, acne, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, and indigestion. No thank you!

One of our fav remedies on helping balance out our fiery boss babe heat is an amazing yogic pranayama (breathing) practice called sitali (the cooling breath). Sitali breath is amazing as it cools the body, adds moisture to the system, and again soothes our excess heat that boss babes like us tend to have. 

Can improve focus; reduce agitation, anger, and anxiety; and pacify excess heat in the system 

How To: 
Curl the tongue lengthwise into shape of a straw or taco. Inhale gently through the "straw" formed by your curled tongue. At the end of your inhale, retract your tongue and close the mouth. Exhale slowly through the nostrils. Want to see how it's done? Check out the quick video below. 

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Much love-

Hadley and Mija