Finding Support In One Another

passion led us

When Mija and I first sat down with our "business hats" on to talk about the two of us coming together to start what now is Trini Tribe, we were both feeling a little tired, in some ways loving the work we were doing as far as teaching yoga and coaching, at the same time tired of going it alone.

As solo entrepreneur's we were both hustling our butts off, trying to figure it all out and without the kind of support we needed and felt we deserved. After about 45 mins of lamenting about the highs and lows of our businesses we then began to talking about how support and connection is so important in creating a well lived life, and that through out both are lives, support in our wellness and self development exploration was really the piece that always was so beneficial to sticking with the practices that we learned along the way. Support is so necessary to be able to feel loved, valued, to learn healthy ways of living and being. Support and connection is vital for every part of our lives. 

Starting as little kids, we need the support of our care givers to keep us safe and and nourished. As we grow we need the support of teachers to help educate us and challenge us to grow. In adulthood we need the support of trusted friends, partnerships, and community. The loyalty, protection and camaraderie we find in the people we choose to surround ourselves with is important on a very primal level and not only determines who we are as individuals, but how we view and treat the world around us.

As we continued to talk over our coffees about our passion and dreams with movement, wellness, and coaching we naturally and effortlessly decided that we should try doing this together. That we wanted to create a business that could not only support one another but truly support others in creating long lasting wellness in their lives that connected to all parts of who they are. Wellness that was not compartmentalized to only nutrition, or just focusing on exercise, or self-care, but wellness that is rooted in the connection and support of all parts of ourselves, mind, body, and spirit. 

That means that in our Tribe, we value support as learning about how to ground and center ourselves just as much as we value eating healthy nutritious foods. We honor understanding what our safe boundaries are just as much as what yoga pose can help open our tight hips. We praise tracking and honoring our feminine cycle just as much as learning how to have compassion communication with others. It is all connected and all supports how we can grow and live in wellness. 

As we move forward, know that we are going to being sharing all sorts of wonderful ways in which we support ourselves mind, body, and spirit, and we cannot wait to get started. 

Big love-

Hadley + Mija