The Trust, Truth, + How We Show Up


When we both arrived in the knowingness of becoming space holders for this group, we began to question what it would mean for each of us to show up, take off any mask and be brave to share our stories while also creating a healing and inspiring home for our tribe. 

We knew a couple of things for sure: 

1. We wanted to get really clear on what wellness meant to us. Wellness wasn't a combination of the best trends, or a matcha recipe or even the best way to workout. It was more. It was also a community and connection through experiences, stories and how we are stronger together. 

2. We found our values.  Knowing our values has helped us stand true in our beliefs and to embody what we are teaching.  Here are a few of those values:  

  • Honesty
  • Vulnerability
  • Family, Friends and Support
  • Mindfulness
  • Inspiration
  • Empowerment 
  • Empathy + Kindness

3. We got honest and tuned in. We shine the spotlight on all different topics on the table. When something doesn't feel right with how we approaching, a practice, or even a word. We listen to that feeling and dive deeper.  Getting into the realness of our feelings has helped guide us on what to bring forward into our tribe!

4. Last but definitely not least. We recognized the sacredness of women supporting women.  This is beyond us, and as primal as gathering around the fire, we all seek connection. We thrive when we are supported, heard, and uplifted within a close circle of women. 

As space holders, and within Trini Tribe we are only planting the seed of wellness, connection and growth. We are watering it with love and waiting, watching for you to grow. We can't wait to see how you bloom in Trini Tribe!! 

XOXO-  Mija and Hadley


Trini Tribe