One Breath At A Time

Hello beauties! 
So, we have a little confession, this week we’ve felt a bit drained. You know, low energy, body feels like it's dragging, endless scrolling, something just feeling off. Don't worry, it’s nothing serious, it's just one of those passing phases we’re all familiar with when things feel overwhelming.

Now there are countless reasons we all get in these funks, ranging from tough deadlines and scheduling conflicts to problems with co-workers or stressors at home. Sometimes there is seems like there isn’t even a reason and you’re just having one of those weeks.

But we really want to talk about is what do we do when we start to feel more than just a little off, what the heck do we do about it!


In today’s era of busy living, achieving a balance life can seem practically out of reach and being tired, ambivalent, stressed, cynical and overextended has become a normal part of a working life. 

But biologically we are not meant to be in that high-stress mode all the time. As a society we have got lost in this idea that the only way to be productive is to be on the go-go-go mode.

Now having previously experienced major burnout ourselves, we know what this feels like and we also understand that beginning to deal with it all can feel overwhelming. Tell us if you’ve ever been here: “I get to the point where my only response to dealing with everything I’m putting off is to … keep putting it off.”

But we want to try and help, and offer some guidance on how you can start to with small steps to create a big impact on your wellness. Studies have even shown that setting and achieving tiny goals can lead to increased dopamine levels in the brain, and that “ordinary, incremental progress can increase people’s engagement in the work and their happiness during the workday and at home.”

We want to share with you a tiny goal:

  • Setting 5-10 mins aside this week for some mindful breathing.

Did you know bringing attention to your breathing can tap into your parasympathetic nervous system and help you reduce or manage stress. If you are looking for some extra support and guidance on how to follow your breath we have a FREE 8 min meditation for you to follow that is all about the simplicity of your breathing in and out. Check it out!



We are so excited to announce the launch of our first online offering!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! We’ve been working really hard on our new online program that we are so excited about COURSE TO CONNECTION.

Course to Connection 

This is a 4-week course that is here to help you better connect to yourself in times of major life hustle, in times when life has been turned upside down, or when you just need some necessary maintenance for the mind and body so that you stayed tuned in to what’s real and important for yourself.

This self-paced course also provides the community, guidance, and support that is needed so:
A. You don’t feel like you’re going it alone
B. You can come back to a greater sense of connection, health, and clarity for yourself and show up the way you desire.

In COURSE TO CONNECT we will be diving into our 4 main pillars that we think help create the foundation needed for deeper connection to ourselves. These pillars are:

  • Mindfulness

  • Self-compassion

  • Nourishment

  • Rest 

For more information and to see the layout of the course click the button below for more details!