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Hey guys, I’m Hadley Corpus a movement lover, proclaimed self-development junkie, cat fanatic, truth seeker, and wellness coach who thrives on helping individuals feel good in their bodies, minds, and spirits.

My story begins really as a teen, where often, I did not feel good in my mind and body and my inner self critic was pretty gnarly. At the time I also felt weighed down in my spirit as I struggled on and off with depression and anxiety.

Unfortunately these issues stayed with me in my college years and early adulthood. As a way to deal ( or not deal with things) I began over indulging in drugs and alcohol, and pretended on the outside that everything was “fine”.

But inside I was feeling the societal pressure to attain certain life goals with the right job, perfect relationship, perfect body, all while controlling everything and never having a hair out of place. (Major bullshit!)

Eventually I realized I had to make some changes. I could continue living a life partying, hustling my face off, feeling numb, stressed, constantly tired and always second guessing myself and self worth, or I could do the work and learn how to connect to the person I desired to be.

I initially began my healing journey through yoga, dance, women's circles and support, and within these communities I was encouraged to explore mindfulness, somatic therapy, and more self-exploration, all which helped me heal, reconnect, and reflect on how I wanted show up in the world.

While my transformation didn’t happen overnight, and there wasn’t a magic pill that could “fix” me, my desire to grow mindfully and live life more authentically helped me make the consistent baby steps towards progress, strength, and peace. 

As I made my way back towards more self acceptance and connected living I began study and learn how to help others in their journeys towards connection. I trained as a yoga and Pilates teacher, became certified as a life and wellness coach, and began teaching somatic education with the True Body Project to young girls and women so that they could better connect to their own voice and truth. 

I am forever grateful to the people who have helped me along the way, including my wonderful family, friends, and mentors including Stacy Sims, Meredith Hogan and Jeannine Yoder and I deeply honor the path of being a support to other women. If you want to learn more about my story, click the button below.

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Hi! I’m Mija Speakman. I’m a certified yoga and meditation teacher and certified health and wellness coach. I’m also a rock climber, sunshine seeker, nature and animal lover!

I have been in the health and wellness field for over 7 years ranging from teaching yoga in local studios, to working with Fortune 500 companies in corporate health and wellness.

When I first turned to yoga I immediately experienced the wonderful physical benefits of the practice, which was amazing, but I needed to feel at peace in my mind and spirit as I was suffering from depression and anxiety.

Thankfully, I kept up with the practice and soon discovered the meditative and mindful quality of yoga as well as the sense of community, confidence, peace, and ease it brought to my life.  I wanted to not only use this knowledge to help myself but learn how I could use it to help others in the world. 

In 2012 I decided to expand my career in corporate health and employee wellness in hopes to reach more people on their wellness path. While I enjoyed parts of my job, I also felt the pressure and shifted priorities of checking off boxes for health insurance, data collecting, and not having enough time to dedicate to each client.

The constant stress I was seeing in my clients couldn't be answered by the "culture of the workplace" to include more walking challenges or casual Fridays, or fitbit giveaways only to request you to work a 10 hour day. They needed more, and deserved to feel supported in a more wholesome, mindful way.

To be real,  I too was riding the struggle bus and not feeling supported and feeling the same stress my clients did– working 40+ hours, getting roughly 6 hours of sleep a night and ignoring any signs my tired body and mind may have given me. I knew there was more to it, and my passion led the way. I left this position in 2017, where I ventured into more 1:1 coaching, hosted events and and discovering the beauty of collaboration. 

This led me to seek out ways in which I could be of greater service and work to co-create a wellness movement, and online community that has the vital tools and resources needed for women to be the boss babes they want to be! Learn more me by clicking the button below!

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